Ben Fogle gets buzzy with the bees

As the face of plenty of TV nature programmes and a veteran champion of Britain’s wildlife, Ben Fogle knows all about creating a buzz around the things he loves.

Now he’s teamed up with Eat Natural and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to get the whole country involved in our Pollenation initiative to help raise awareness of the humble honey bee, whether that’s by planting a few seeds in a flowerpot or by getting more hands-on with our state-of-the-art hives.

And to start with, there’s an even simpler way to take part. Ben will be helping to launch Eat Natural’s Honey Bar, made with the produce from our own hives and designed to remind us all, in the most delicious way possible, of why bees are so important. But the special edition bar raises more than just awareness: the proceeds from its sales go straight to the BBKA’s Build the Buzz national research project, which is funding technology to help scientists look at the lives and activity of the honey bee so they can come up with innovative solutions to the plight of this vital creature.

The role of bees in a healthy countryside is something Ben understands not just from his beekeeping family, but also through his appreciation of how bees knit together plant and wildlife habitats and keep our crops growing and the hedgerows in bloom. Now anyone who cares about good food, the natural world or just the sweeter things in life can get involved in our project to help boost the nation’s bee population. As with all things Eat Natural, it isn’t complicated. Taking part can be as easy as picking up one of our special edition Honey Bars which will be coming in 2017, or taking the plunge with one of our hand built, high-tech hives to become a bona fide beekeeper.