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Why am I writing about mint? Because I’ve just seen some growing magnificently in a glass over a bar I am sitting at. We are not using mint in any of our bars, although if we can find a way of keeping the leaves fresh and vibrant then maybe that’s not a bad idea.

I have decided, though, that they are a pretty cool herb. Yes, they are uncontrollable in the garden but I hate the idea of paying for these leaves at a shop but they a a great addition to a summer’s life and a fabulous thing to have around. So, if you find yourself with a glut of them, here are a few of my favourite minty suggestions:

1. Mint tea, Lebanese style (loads of mint in a pot, some sugar or honey and boiling water. Simple, isn’t it?
2. Mint tea, French style (loads of mint in a pot, boiling water). Even simpler, isn’t it?
3. Lebanese salad. (Loads of mint and parsley chopped finely, chopped cucumber and tomatoes, some lemon and salt)
4. Lamb biryani. (google it but make sure you add loads of fresh mint between the layers of rice and lamb curry)
5. Mint chocolate bars (yeah, like I’m really going to give you the recipe!)

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