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Being in control (not!) & the genius of n’duja

I’m feeling ridiculous. My body is telling me I need to eat light – since having had a proper piece of steak and chips for lunch (yes, thanks they were totally fabulous) but my mind is reminding me that it’s night time and that means dinner. Being alone at home tonight it means emptying the fridge of stuff left behind. But what good left overs. Some fresh broad beans, some amazing parmesan and a jar of n’duja. N’duja is a miracle ingredient that I discovered at a specialist food fair in Italy some years back. There is almost nothing that a bit of this miracle ingredient does not make irresistible (unless you are vegetarian of course). N’duja is a kind of chile and pork and spicy Italian thing and just a table spoon of it transforms a dish.

Anyway, the point is, look below at my nice light evening meal. It’s super sized I know, especially since lunch was already supernormal. What is wrong with us. Why can’t we resist? Surely the better choice would have been a simple salad or maybe a bowl of free range, organic cornflakes. Oh well. Any extra length in the pool tomorow then….


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