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Our Bars...

All Eat Natural bars are packed with good,
wholesome stuff...and nothing dodgy.
As hard as you look, you'll find no artificial
flavours or colours and no preservatives.

 We search high and low to find
 the tons of simply delicious bits and bobs
  which go into every recipe... everything from
  nuts, fruit, seeds and honey to indulgent
   chocolate and smooth yoghurt. Most bars,
   except our 'fruits & fibre' range, are gluten
   free (please check the packaging) and all can be
   enjoyed by Veggies too.

Our bars come in 13 great tasting recipes (although we're
adding new ones all the time). You can get most of these in
three bar packs too, and some as snack-size packs of four.

Simply scroll through the bars and click on
your favourite to find out more.

Click here to find out about our NEW 'little bars'